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CBI North American Technical Workshop. 12-14 Nov, 2024

The CBI North American Technical Workshop will take place on 12 - 14 November 2024 at the Bobby Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

This is a CBI-members only event. Further details will be shared soon.

CBI Indian Technical Workshop. 27-28 Aug, 2024

The CBI Indian Technical Workshop will take place on 27 & 28 August 2024 at the Westin Hyderabad, Mindspace in Hyderabad, India.

This is a CBI-members only event. Further details will be shared soon.

CBI General Assembly. 24 April, 2024

The CBI General Assembly will take place on 24th April 2024 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

ALBA. 12-13 June, 2024

The Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) 2024 workshop will take place between 12 - 13 June 2024 in Paris, France.

ALBA is a successful, annual workshop focused on advanced lead batteries. The workshop will be held on 12 June, from 10:30am-5.30pm and 13 June from 8.30am-2.30pm, and will include a networking dinner in the evening of the 12 June.

This year’s ALBA will focus on the following topics:

More details about the technical program may be downloaded here.

Password protected webinar slides - Registrants please check your emails!

CBI will also hold its European Technical Workshop on 11-12 June. All events will take place at the Kopster Hotel in Colombes close to Paris, France.

Click here to register.

We are looking forward to meeting you this year in Paris!

ELBC. 16-19 Sep, 2024

The ELBC conference will take place between 16 - 19 September 2024 in Milan, Italy.

ELBC is the major lead battery innovation conference, bringing together global lead battery experts, researchers, companies and suppliers. The conference’s technical program showcases the latest updates on technical improvements and electrochemical research on topical areas from energy storage to automotive lead batteries.

For more information visit ELBC website.

CBI Indian Technical Workshop. 7-8 Dec, 2023

The CBI Indian Technical Workshop will take place on 7th & 8th December 2023 in New Delhi, India.

Battcon. 14-17 May, 2024

Battcon 2024 takes place in Miami, Florida, between May 14-17 at the Hyatt Regency Miami, with pre-conference workshops taking place on Tuesday May 14 followed by the full conference and trade show. 

CBI has issued a call for papers inviting speakers to submit abstracts on potential topics demonstrating new technical enhancements for all battery chemistries for the 2024 event. 

View details and submit your abstract at Abstracts can be submitted directly by email to

The event, which attracts more than 400 delegates plus exhibitors, acts as a professional development and networking opportunity for the design, selection, and application of stationary, utility and energy storage battery systems.  The conference is an opportunity for manufacturers and users to review the latest trends in stationary storage, including data-centers, telecoms, utility and energy storage applications. 

CBI North American Technical Workshop

CBI North American Technical Workshop will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 13-15, 2023.

Agenda and registration details coming soon.

(For CBI members only.)

World Energy Storage Day (WESD) Global Conference & Virtual Expo

22nd September 2023

The 7th World Energy Storage Day (WESD) Global Conference & Virtual Expo, 22nd September 2023 and is a virtual, 24-hour marathon conference covering 100+ countries including topics like Energy Storage Manufacturing, Innovation, Supply Chain, Mechanical Storage, Thermal Storage, Electro-Chemical Batteries, Energy Access, Stationary Energy Storage, Energy Storage Financing, Investment, ESS, EV infrastructure, Battery Swapping, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), EV OEMs, Battery Recycling, Circular Economy, Global Start-up showcase, Start-up workshop, Women in Energy and Green Hydrogen applications & Manufacturing.

The WESD platform is one of the largest open (Free to attend live) global events in this domain. The event is supported by Gold Partner UL and supporting Partner Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2), MENA Energy Storage Alliance (MENA-ESA), Thailand Energy Storage Association (TESTA), Consortium of Battery Innovation (CBI), Eurobat, Smart Energy Council (SEC), Innovation Norway, Scotland Development International, LDES Council, Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), Global Renewables Alliance and others.

CBI 2023 Technical and ALBA Workshops

The CBI 2023 Techincal and ALBA Workshops were held on June 13-15, in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Future Battery Forum. 27-28 Nov, 2023

The Future Battery Forum will take place on 27th & 28th November 2023. The management conference with accompanying exhibition brings together the entire value system of battery technologiesAcross industriesusersbattery system & cell manufacturers and their suppliers will spend two days exchanging ideas and information, making new contacts and discussing how the industrial ramp-up with a high market share of battery-driven solutions in Europe can be achieved - in Berlin. Around 700 participants, 80 sponsors & exhibitors and 70 speakers are expected on-site.

CBI members and guests can secure an additional 20% partner discount with code: FBF23COOP

Link to: or

Join us for CBI General Assembly and Technical Update Meeting at Asian Battery Conference

September 5 2023 at the 

Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Resort, 
Khum, Vithei Charles De Gaulle, 
Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Please visit the 20ABC website for more information about the conference.

ALBA 2023

Wolfsburg, Germany will be the host city for our next iteration of our successful, annual workshops focused on Advanced Lead Batteries. The Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) 2023 Workshop, will be held on 14 June, from 11am-5.30pm and 15 June from 8.30am-3pm, and will include a networking dinner in the evening of the 14June.

This year’s ALBA will have plenary talks concentrating on auxiliary applications and on power-supply requirements in support of Functional Safety.

During parallel break-out sessions, the following topics will be addressed:

Download the draft ALBA workshop schedule.

CBI will also hold its European Technical Workshop on 13-14 June and Safety-relevant State of Function (SSOF) Workshop on 15-16 June. All events will take place at the Leonardo Hotel and CongressPark in Wolfsburg.

Click here to register.

Webinar Slides - password protected. Registrants - check your email!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person this summer in Germany!

CBI Energy Storage Strategy Meeting 

The International Lead Conference Pb2023 will be held at the Grand Hyatt Athens, June 21-23.

The full schedule includes 4 days of workshops, meetings, conference sessions and networking events covering all the critical issues affecting the lead industry worldwide, including :

Register now at Pb2023

CBI EU Technical Workshop

13-14 June, Wolfsburg, Germany

This year´s CBI European Technical Workshop on 13-14 June and the workshop focused on automotive lead battery advancements (ALBA) on 14-15 June are both being held in Wolfsburg, Germany. 

CBI EU Technical Workshop on 13-14 June 2023 (for CBI members only)
CBI/CENELEC ALBA Workshop on 14-15 June 2023

The CBI EU Technical Workshop will provide an overview of the work of CBI including its technical program, funding efforts in EU, technical roadmap, market update as well as CBI working groups and ESS Strategy for 2023-2024. 

CBI/CENELEC Workshop on ALBA will have plenary talks focusing on auxiliary applications and on power-supply requirements in support of Functional Safety. During parallel break-out sessions, several topics will be addressed:

We are looking forward to meeting you in person this summer in Germany!

Contact CBI for more information.

Click here to find out more about ALBA.

CBI General Assembly at the BCI Convention

26 April, Louisville, KY, US

View the Agenda here

CBI North American Workshop (Durham, NC)

The next North American CBI Technical Workshop will be held at the Durham Convention Center, Durham, North Carolina from 14-16 November 2022.  The workshop will start at 2pm on the 14th November and finish at 1pm on the 16thNovember.

This workshop will cover:

Workshop only for CBI members. For more info about the event and CBI membership, please contact Anita Wright at

Energy Storage, E-mobility & Environment are the focus of CBI’s co-organised event in India

CBI is co-organising an event with the India Lead Zinc Development Association (ILZDA), International Lead Association (ILA), International Lead Zinc Study Group (ILZSG), Indian Battery Manufacturers Association (IBMA) and the Recycling and  Environment  Industry Association of India (REIAI) to discuss the role of the lead industry in Energy Storage, E-mobility and Environment.

The International Conference on Lead & Lead Batteries will take place in New Delhi, India from 5-6 December 2022 and CBI’s Director, Dr Alistair Davidson, will talk about innovation for lead batteries and CBI's exciting new projects coming up involving energy storage systems.

This world class event is a great opportunity for stakeholders of the lead and lead battery industry to learn more about the latest technology developments and trends.

CBI European Workshop

This European workshop will provide an update on CBI on-going research projects, government funding initiatives and our communications and marketing program and other standards work.  It will also discuss our new RFP, and newly submitted project proposals.  This will be held on 14th July from 9am-5pm and include a networking dinner on the evening of the 13 July.

Click here to register.

Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Workshop (formerly DCA & Heat Workshop)

As the next iteration of successful workshop held over the last few years, this year's DCA & Heat workshop has a new name and will be held from 11am-5.30pm on the 12th July, and from 8.30am-3pm on the 13th July, and will include a networking dinner in the evening of the 12th July.

This year’s event, Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Workshop, will address the following topics:

Compact plenary talks will expose up-to-date material on each of the topics to all participants. In subsequent break-out sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to discuss in depth 2 of the topics and plan collaborative work streams associated with them.

Download the draft ALBA Workshop schedule. (updated July 9, 2022)

CBI will host a Battery Academy on 11-12 July and also hold its European Technical Workshop on 13-14 July all at the same location.

Click here to register.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person this summer in Italy!

CBI Battery Academy

This Academy will provide the opportunity for new colleagues joining the lead and lead battery industry to learn more about key fundamentals of the technology.  In lectures delivered by leading industry experts, and complemented by case studies, working groups and panel discussions, CBI’s Battery Academy will be held from 11am-5pm on the 11th July and 8am-11am on the 12th July, and include a networking dinner on the night of the 11th July.

Topics will include 

Speakers will include Boris Monahov, Mark Stevenson, Geoffrey May, Eckhard Karden and Matt Raiford.

Click here to register.

CBI Battery Academy at ELBC

CBI is organizing a Battery Academy at ELBC on 5-6 September.

Registration for the event is now open for ELBC delegates.

CBI is speaking and exhibiting at FENIBAT

CBI is speaking and exhibiting at FENIBAT, held in Londrina, Brazil on 22-24 May 2022. Find out more.

CBI is co-organizing the ELBC pre-conference workshop: Lead Batteries and the EV Revolution

As part of the ELBC week, CBI is co-organizing the pre-conference workshop: Lead Batteries and the EV Revolution, held on 6 September from 2pm-5pm.

Registration for the event is now open for ELBC delegates.

CBI General Assembly at BCI Convention

CBI will hold a General Assembly during the BCI Convention week.

CBI is attending the BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo

CBI is attending the BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo on 1-4 May 2022. Find out more.

CBI 2022 General Assembly and Technical Meeting at ELBC

CBI will hold a General Assembly meeting on 5 September from 2pm-5pm, and a Technical Meeting on 6 September at 9am-1pm during the week of ELBC.

Find out more.

CBI is speaking and exhibiting at AABC Europe 2022

CBI is speaking during the technical lead track and exhibiting at AABC Europe 2022.

Visit the conference website.

ELBC: The Global Lead Battery Innovation Conference & Expo

ELBC is back. Join us in Lyon, France for the premier lead battery innovation conference of the year.

Co-organized by CBI and ILA, don't miss out on ELBC which brings together the world's lead battery experts.

With up 1000 attendees expected, a world-class technical program and an expo featuring more than 120 stands, ELBC takes place on 6-9 September, in person, in Lyon.

Registration for the event is now open. Click here to join ELBC

Lead batteries are a part of the future and this is why

For the first time at the Batteries Event, held in September 2021 and organized by Avicenne Energy, there was a dedicated session for lead batteries. This is another major step for the industry demonstrating how this technology continues to evolve and is key to the current discussions within the energy sector.

Co-organized by CBI and EUROBAT, the session ‘Driving sustainable growth through LEAD BATTERY innovation’ brought up significant topics such as decarbonisation, circular economy and the work of the lead industry to upgrade and innovate for current applications such as clean energy and e-mobility.

Opening the session was EUROBAT’s Director Communications & Stewardship, Gert Meylemans, who noted that both lead and lithium will still be the dominant chemistries in the next decade.

Focusing on the numbers, lead-based technology will remain almost exclusively the preferred technology for 12V automotive applications, while continuing to be the dominant technology for UPS applications (Uninterruptible Power Supply) providing 90% of global demand and increasing by 5.5 GWh by 2030.

Our very own Research and Innovation Manager Dr Carl Telford introduced our recently launched Technical Roadmap to the audience and explored the funding opportunities for the industry within the EU.

From left to right: Gert MEYLEMANS (EUROBAT), Dr Bernhard RIEGEL (HOPPECKE) & Dr Carl TELFORD (CBI)

CBI’s new Technical Roadmap is an expansive document setting out key research priorities for the industry for all applications using lead batteries. With a special section dedicated to energy storage systems solutions where lead batteries play a major role – from utility and renewable energy storage projects to hybrid solutionsthe opportunities to enhance lead batteries through research and innovation have huge potential.

Dr Christian Rosenkranz from Clarios (also CBI’s Chairman) explored both CBI and EUROBAT Roadmaps, highlighting the “strong innovation potential of all battery technologies” and their contribution to the EU Green Deal, Fit-for-55 and net-zero pollution goals, as they:

To conclude this fantastic session, Dr Bernhard Riegel from HOPPECKE explored the innovation potential of electrochemical storage systems for industrial applications, an “ongoing process” for established technologies. High recyclability, low investment cost and low safety requirements were pointed out as the main advantages of the lead-based technology for the upcoming years.

The Batteries Event 2021 has ended but our work is now more exciting than ever with all the future opportunities for the technology and the innovation to come, driven by CBI’s Technical Roadmap.

Batteries: The Future of European Sustainability

As part of Europe's Sustainable Energy Week, the Consortium for Battery Innovation is bringing together a panel to discuss the critical role of batteries for Europe's sustainable transition.

With discussion around the importance of a level playing field amongst technologies in Europe, the digital event will feature case studies of advanced lead batteries providing reliable, recyclable and safe energy storage throughout the EU. From large-scale frequency regulation to hybrid battery projects harnessing wind and solar power, advanced lead batteries are a vital part of Europe's energy mix.

Join us to hear how the technology is supporting Europe's sustainable energy future.  

View the agenda here and contact Anita Wright ( to register.

CBI General Assembly, Technical and Comms meeting

Held at the 2021 BCI Convention - San Diego, CA, US

CBI North America Technical Workshop

Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.

CBI May 2021 Technical Workshop

CBI General Assembly

CBI presented at India Energy Storage Week

November DCA & Heat Workshop

Read the post-event blog here

CBI exhibited at AABC Europe

Wiesbaden, Germany - 12-16 January 2020

May DCA & Heat Workshop

13-15 May 2020

Read the event blog here

CBI May 2020 Technical Workshop

19-20 May 2020

CBI exhibited at the 30th Annual Energy Storage Association (ESA) Conference

Virtual event - 26-28 August 2020

CBI Learning Lab held at the Energy Storage Association Conference

26 August 2020 - 11.30am - 1.30pm

Read the event blog here.

CBI co-organized the 17th European Lead Battery Conference (17ELBC)

Virtual event - 22-24 September 2020

Read our post-event blog here.

CBI November 2020 Technical Workshop

Virtual workshop - 12-13 November 2020

Read the post-event blog here.

Maximizing hot-climate durability and brake energy recuperation workshop

DCA & Heat workshop - 17-19 November 2020

Register here.

CBI is exhibiting at the 29th Annual Energy Storage Association (ESA) Conference

Phoenix, AZ, USA – 16-18 April 2019

CBI General Assembly at the BCI Convention

New Orleans, LA, USA – 1 May 2019

CBI and CENELEC EFB and heat workshop

Bruges, Belgium – 22-23 May 2019

View our video of the event here.

CBI European Technical Workshop

Bruges, Belgium – 23-24 May 2019

View the agenda here and register here.

CBI European Meeting at Pb2019

Madrid, Spain – 18 June 2019

CBI General Assembly and Technical Committee Meeting at the Asian Battery Conference, Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia – 3 September 2019

CBI North American Technical Workshop

Nashville, TN, USA - 5-6 November 2019

View the agenda and register here.