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Advanced lead batteries

Developing the next generation of advanced lead battery technologies

More than 110 battery companies worldwide, who are members of the Consortium, are supporting research focused on delivering significant advancements in rechargeable energy storage. CBI is also partnering with universities and dedicated research organisations to develop enhanced lead batteries with improved performance and lifetimes.

Advanced lead battery research

2021 research projects

2021’s technical program is being conducted under the banner of energy storage. With an innovative range of projects launching this year, enhancements of lead battery performance for energy storage is being targeted, including cycle life, energy density and battery lifetime. CBI is working with our global membership to conduct pre-competitive research to drive innovation in the technology.

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Advanced lead battery research

2019-2022 research projects

CBI members, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading research institutes, work on a range of innovative research projects.

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Technical roadmap

An innovation roadmap for advanced lead batteries

Working with our members, CBI has developed a technical roadmap for advanced battery research and innovation. It is based on extensive market research, and discussions with end-users in a bid to better understand customers’ technical requirements for the future.

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Research for advanced lead batteries

Request for Proposals

Each year, CBI releases a global request for research proposals focused on advanced batteries for different applications, to facilitate the latest research in the technology.

The latest CBI RFP was launched in Q1 2022 and can be viewed below.

The next RFP will be launched in 2023.

2022 RFP


Lead batteries have significant untapped potential

In a ground-breaking new project to help develop the next generation of advanced lead batteries, the Consortium for Battery Innovation is working with more than a dozen companies and the U.S Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

The collaborative research project at the world-leading Argonne Advanced Photon Source in Chicago will use the facility’s ultra-bright, high-energy X-ray beams to investigate the complex interactions taking place in lead batteries in real time.

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“This new project, with Argonne’s scientists, will help make the leap to the next generation of advanced lead batteries”

Scientific publications

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has published a series of studies in scientific journals setting out research into addition of carbon in lead batteries, the use of lead batteries in utility energy storage, and life cycle assessment studies for the lead industry. The journals are published here.