Energy storage

The next generation of
lead batteries

Advanced lead batteries

An unprecedented growth in demand

The next 10 years will see unprecedented growth in demand for energy storage in support of the huge transformation of energy resources to renewables and the rapid electrification of our economy and society.

To help meet that growth in demand the next generation of lead batteries will demonstrate greater performance, a longer lifetime and full recyclability in order to meet new market expectations.

The following case studies show how lead batteries are providing energy storage solutions in a range of different applications.

CBI Battery Match

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CBI has developed an online tool allowing customers in the energy storage sector, from utility and renewable energy companies to systems integrators, to easily find advanced batteries that provide high performance, are affordable and reliable, whilst also being safe and sustainable.

CBI Battery Match is helping energy storage companies find the best lead battery option for their system.

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Interactive Map

Global energy storage map

The Consortium has developed an interactive map showcasing the global use of lead batteries for energy storage in utility and renewable energy storage projects. Featuring examples from national grid stabilising to microgrids, advanced lead batteries are delivering reliable, sustainable, safe and affordable energy storage.

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Case studies

Advanced lead batteries are supporting and powering energy storage projects across the world. This section highlights some of the projects supported by Consortium members. View more