16 November 2020

CBI Technical Workshop: Lead batteries are on an innovation journey

CBI Technical Workshop: Lead batteries are on an innovation journey

Lead batteries are on an innovation journey. That was the resounding message in the latest edition of CBI’s Technical Workshops. In a two-day virtual session, member companies and partner organisation heard about the progress of the suite of research projects currently underway from CBI’s extensive technical program.

With a dedicated, first-time session Communications Session, CBI was joined by partner industry Associations BCIEUROBAT and ILA to share the vital role of communications for delivering the message of innovation in lead battery technology, specifically through the Essential Energy Everyday and Charge the Future campaigns.

Future potential and market growth for lead batteries is predicted to be substantial. And it covers all the applications currently served by the technology: energy storage, automotive, motive power and industrial uses.

To really grasp this potential, collaboration is needed amongst the industry. From members and partners to the associations serving regional needs, our message is the same: lead batteries are on an innovation journey.

CBI’s research program is a key area in which these messages of innovation can be translated into communications material to support the wider membership and objectives of the industry.

The special Communications Session demonstrated the alignment and cross-engagement currently taking place between the Associations representing the entire lead battery industry. Joined by Donna Snyder, East Penn Manufacturing’s Vice President Marketing and Advertising, the Communications panel discussion delivered insight into how member companies can leverage the content produced by Associations to support their own digital and advocacy strategies. 

(Top row) Donna Snyder – East Penn, Gert Meylemans – EUROBAT, Hywel Jarman – ILA, (bottom row) Lisa Dry – BCI, Niamh Owen-McLaughlin - CBI

The remainder of the workshop focused on the CBI technical program.  During Day 1, UCLA’s research team presented on their ground-breaking project to visualize the dynamic of carbon-enhanced negative electrodes in lead batteries, followed by Borregaard’s presentation on their collaborative investigation into the influence of carbon black and organic expanders to improve enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) for micro-hybrids. The technical session ended with an update on a grid energy storage research project by Electric Applications Incorporated (EAI).

Day 2 moved to our European projects with the leading universities and research institutes. TU Berlin presented their work on best practices of cell testing for EFB with regards to Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) and high-temperature durability, and Fraunhofer ISC covered the effect of carbon surface functional groups on electrochemical behaviour of lead-carbon electrodes.

Jochen Settelein – Fraunhofer ISC, Matt Raiford – CBI, Sophia Bauknecht – TU Berlin

Wrapping up the workshop was a discussion on CBI’s current request for proposals (RFP). 2020’s RFP had a strong focus on research into energy storage applications and how to maximize the performance of lead batteries for this growing market. Discussion focused on the feedback from CBI membership concerning the proposals in the current RFP.  One insightful member asked of future RFPS, discussions covered possible examination of positive electrodes in different applications, an often important yet overlooked part of lead batteries.

For more details on our research projects, check out the news releases and videos covering the projects here.

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