2021 Technical Roadmap

Research and innovation pathways for next-generation advanced lead batteries

Advanced lead batteries

The golden age of battery research

As global warming continues to have a dramatic impact on the world’s climate, the imperative for decarbonization is greater than ever. Battery energy storage is a key pillar in the move to electrification and supporting innovation and performance improvements is the highest priority.

Soaring demand for battery technologies across all applications has ushered in a golden age for batteries. From clean energy storage to hybrid and electric vehicles, demand for high-performing and sustainable batteries is driving research and development across the globe.

Combining pioneering research with the latest market insights, the Consortium for Battery Innovation is leading the way by ensuring advanced lead batteries continue on their innovation journey to support ambitious climate goals set out by policy makers and provide the high-performing batteries needed by end-users.

Pioneering research

2021 Technical Roadmap

The requirements of customers are at the heart of the new research goals set out in the Consortium’s 2021 Technical Roadmap.

Building on the ambitious goals set in 2019, the new areas for innovation identified by CBI membership in the Technical Roadmap will be used to develop future research programs and launch projects that will deliver the performance enhancements needed for advanced lead batteries.

With continued performance improvement and technological advances, the opportunities for the global lead battery industry to provide sustainable, reliable and high-performing batteries to achieve global electrification and decarbonization targets are limitless.

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Priority research goals

Energy storage

Improving cycle life, calendar life and round-trip efficiency whilst reducing acquisition and operating costs.

Priority research goals


Ensure that recent improvements in DCA are maintained, whilst improving high-temperature performance and ensuring no trade-offs in key parameters such as Cold Crank Amps (CCA) and water loss.

Priority research goals

Motive power

Lowering TCO by increasing cycle life, recharge time, and producing maintenance-free batteries.

Priority research goals

UPS and Telecoms

Improving cycle and calendar life, whilst reducing battery costs.


Powering the world's vehicles

The industry is on track to meet the ambitious targets CBI set out for DCA, cycle life and water loss in our previous Roadmap.

Maintaining these metrics whilst minimizing water loss and high-temp durability issues is vital to sustain the vital role of lead batteries for the global automotive sector, including start-stop, micro-hybrids and electric vehicles.

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