The Consortium holds technical meetings and workshops, attends conferences and exhibitions relevant to the lead battery industry, produces scientific papers and visits energy storage installations utilizing lead battery technology.

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Event photos

CBI organizes global technical workshops to advance innovation in lead battery technology, and attends industry events to communicate the benefits of lead batteries

Bruges EFB & Heat Workshop

22-23 May 2019 - Bruges, Belgium

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CBI China Technical Workshop

5-6 March 2019 - Shanghai, China

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Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Europe

29-31 January 2019 - Strasbourg, France

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The Consortium for Battery Innovation has published a series of studies in scientific journals setting out research into addition of carbon in lead batteries, the use of lead batteries in utility energy storage, and life cycle assessment studies for the lead industry. The journals are published here.

Understanding the functions of carbon in the negative active-mass of the lead-acid battery: A review of progress

Patrick T. Moseley, David A.J. Rand, Alistair Davidson and Boris Monahov

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Lead batteries for utility energy storage: A review

Geoffrey J. May, Alistair Davidson and Boris Monahov

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Lead industry life cycle studies: environmental impact and life cycle assessment of lead batteries

Alistair Davidson, Stephen Binks and Johannes Gediga

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Enabling the electric vehicle revolution

Find out how lead batteries are playing a vital role in the increased uptake of electric vehicles worldwide

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Start-stop vehicles reduce emissions

Lead batteries are essential for start-stop technology, a revolutionary step towards energy efficiency

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A sustainable lead battery industry

99% of lead batteries are collected, recycled and reused at end-of-life in North America and Europe

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CBI workshop video

Car companies met with battery manufacturers in Bruges, Belgium to explore breakthrough technology using advanced lead batteries. Organised by the Consortium, the EFB & heat workshop was part of a CBI technical workshop.

The innovative event drew battery experts from across the globe to discuss the latest developments in lead battery technology to propel the next generation of advanced lead batteries for automotive applications.

Watch our short video which features global lead battery experts and researchers explore how CBI, in collaboration with the world’s leading research institutes and battery manufacturers, are pushing the boundaries of lead battery technology to ensure their continued dominance in the automotive market.

CBI energy storage video

In the hills of North Wales lies an eco-centre dedicated to exploring alternative technologies which can propel us towards a more renewable and sustainable future.

The Centre for Alternative Technology teaches sustainability professionals and students from across the globe about the latest techniques and ideas, aiming to usher in a low carbon, more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient society.

CBI Director Alistair Davidson visited the Centre in Machynlleth to discover more about the lead battery mini-grid system used by the eco-centre for their energy needs, generated through a combination of solar, hydro and wind. The lead battery energy storage system uses lead batteries provided by CBI member Hoppecke Batteries.