Lead batteries: essential for the automotive industry

Advanced lead batteries

Used in virtually all vehicles

Lead batteries are used in virtually every vehicle on the road across the globe. CBI works with car companies, battery manufacturers and the world's leading research institutes to push the boundaries of lead battery technology to ensure their continued dominance in the automotive market.

Automotive applications

Automotive lead batteries are used in a wide range of applications

  • SLI battery used to power the starter motor, the lights and the engine’s ignition system
  • Batteries for start-stop and micro-hybrid vehicles
  • Batteries for use in micro and mild hybrids, providing both start-stop functionality, brake energy recuperation and some vehicle propulsion
  • Auxiliary batteries for vehicles with degrees of electrification, providing back-up power for safety features

Automotive project

Maximizing high-temperature durability performance of lead batteries

Car companies met with battery manufacturers to explore breakthrough technology using advanced lead batteries.

View the project video here

Automotive lead batteries


  • 99% collected and recycled at end-of-life
  • For start-stop and micro-hybrids vehicles, fuel consumption savings of 5-10% are enabled by lead batteries
  • Unrivalled cold-cranking
  • Excellent high-temperature durability
  • Unmatched safety
  • Most affordable
  • Low environmental footprint

Automotive Lead Battery Advancements Workshop

ALBA 2023

Wolfsburg, Germany was the host city for our successful, annual workshops focused on Advanced Lead Batteries. The Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) 2023 Workshop, was held on 14 June. This year’s ALBA had plenary talks concentrating on auxiliary applications and on power-supply requirements in support of Functional Safety.

Read about ALBA 2023 here

Automotive Lead Battery Advancements Workshop

ALBA 2022

ALBA 2022 workshop was held in Italy in July, addressing topics such durability test methods, functional safety, and test method development for 12V auxiliary (automotive non-starter) batteries.

Read about ALBA 2022 here

DCA & Heat Workshop

Collaboration in DCA & Heat Workshop delivering insights into enhancing automotive lead batteries

The DCA & Heat workshops have focused on the pressing issues for 12 V automotive lead batteries. The key overall objective of these meetings is to develop test methods that adequately reflect the Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) improvements seen in lead batteries.


The latest virtual edition of the DCA & Heat workshop covered topics related to achieving this objective in a collaborative meeting with automotive OEMs, lead battery manufacturers, researchers, scientists and engineers active in the automotive lead battery field. Read more about the workshop here

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