Lead batteries are critical to supporting the way we live

Advanced lead batteries

Developing batteries for the future

Lead batteries are critical to supporting the way we live now, from the cars we drive to the back-up for cell phones and data centers. And they are vital to providing the rechargeable energy storage the world needs to transform the way it consumes and uses electricity.


Research excellence

The Consortium for Battery Innovation is the only global pre-competitive research organization promoting innovation in lead batteries for energy storage and automotive applications.

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2022 Request for Proposals

In a new request for proposals targeting growing markets such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems and motive power applications, CBI’s new RFP has identified key areas for research opportunities for advanced lead batteries.

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2021 Technical Roadmap

Research and innovation pathways for next-generation advanced lead batteries

Building on the ambitious goals set in 2019, the new areas for innovation identified by CBI membership in the Technical Roadmap will be used to develop future research programs and launch projects that will deliver the performance enhancements needed for advanced lead batteries.

With continued performance improvement and technological advances, the opportunities for the global lead battery industry to provide sustainable, reliable and high-performing batteries to achieve global electrification and decarbonization targets are limitless.

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“The golden age of batteries and battery research”

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