Lead batteries are critical to supporting the way we live

Advanced lead batteries

Developing batteries for the future

Lead batteries are critical to supporting the way we live now, from the cars we drive to the back-up for cell phones and data centers. And they are vital to providing the rechargeable energy storage the world needs to transform the way it consumes and uses electricity.


Research excellence

The Consortium for Battery Innovation is the only global pre-competitive research organization promoting innovation in lead batteries for energy storage and automotive applications.

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Societies across the globe are transitioning to a more sustainable, green and environmentally-friendly future. Through clean mobility by increasing adoption of electric vehicles, to clean energy generation through renewables, to greater circular economy of products – these are all vital ways in which lead batteries are supporting a more sustainable world.

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Battery mainstay headed for high-tech makeover

More than a dozen CBI members consisting of lead battery companies and suppliers are currently working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) to unlock the untapped potential of lead batteries. The goal: To provide scientific insight that will significantly increase lead battery performance, by establishing a foundation for the next generation of advanced lead battery technology.

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“This new project will help make the leap to the next generation of advanced lead batteries”

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