Powering climate change research in Antarctica

Monbat – Powering climate change research in Antarctica

Powering climate change research in Antarctica

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South Shetland Isles, Antarctica

On Livingston Island, part of the South Shetlands Archipelago, a remote Antarctic research station is backed by advanced lead battery energy storage. 

Conducting climate change research since 1988, scientists at the Bulgarian Antarctic Base Bulgarian Antarctic Base "St. Kliment Ohridski, study geology, mineral resources, glacier movements and the marine ecosystem.

“Securing the BESS for the Bulgarian Antarctic Base is an honour and a great test-on-the-edge for our VRLA batteries.” 

Monbat Group
Monbat's advanced lead batteries are used for energy storage at the Bulgarian research station in Antartica

Technical Specification

Energy demand and consumption has steadily increased at the research station, requiring additional battery energy storage to support the needs of the scientists.

With a photovoltaic power plant deployed in 2008, the research station paired it with a battery energy storage system (BESS) using Monbat’s advanced lead batteries.

The BESS is used to balance power grids and save surplus energy, whilst also providing uninterruptible power despite adverse weather conditions. 

Solar power is stored in the advanced lead batteries, a reliable and robust solution withstanding extreme weather conditions

Capable of operating in extremely low Antarctic temperatures of -38°C, Monbat’s VRLA lead batteries are chosen for their reliability, resilience and performance.

Battery energy storage using advanced lead batteries also facilitates the integration of more renewable energy sources into the electricity systems on site. 

This adds an additional level of sustainability to the project as advanced lead batteries are recycled at rates of close to 100%. 

Technical Summary

Overall capacity12 kW
Number of batteries104 48V 90Ah batteries, connected in 26 strings
Battery specificationVRLA, AGM 
Use caseMicrogrid
Available stored energy120 kWh

About the Company 

Currently the 4th largest lead battery producer in Europe and No. 1 in the Balkans, Monbat operates under two main business segments – lead batteries and Li-ion high-power solutions. 

Monbat applies a flexible vertically integrated model, synergistically uniting recycling and producing of lead, lead alloys and other raw materials, manufacturing and trading of batteries.

Monbat has a worldwide presence in over 70 countries and more than 20 different applications and industries.

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