Eco-safari fuelled by sunlight and batteries

Asantys Systems – Eco-safari in Tanzania

Eco-safari fuelled by sunlight and batteries

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Grumeti Hills, Tanzania

In ten safari lodges in the Serengeti, Tanganyika Expeditions is powering their operations using solar energy and lead battery storage.

Disconnected from the Tanzanian utility grid, the safari lodges are provided with a self-sufficient electricity supply generated from sustainable solar power. 

A project that demonstrates the great potential for a climate-friendly mobility transition in Africa through used vehicle conversion to e-drive and battery powering by solar electricity.

Johannes Germ, Managing Director, Asantys Systems GmbH
The energy storage system at the eco-safari in Tanzania features solar panels

Technical Specification

The energy storage systems, developed by system Integrator Asantys Systems and energy consultant Olk, features:

Providing solar power around the clock for the accommodations and laundry facilities, it is also used to warm up shower water for guests. 

In an added element of sustainability, the eco-safari has switched its vehicle fleet from diesel to electric vehicles. Both the safari and service vehicles are then charged using the SMA stand-alone grid supplied with solar power.

The solar batteries used to store the energy for the lodges are fully recyclable at end-of-life, and provide a high-performing, safe and sustainable solution.

The lead-SLA solar batteries store the energy generated from solar power

Technical Summary

Overall capacity2 x systems 55 kWp  with SMA Sunny Tripower PV inverters 
Battery specificationLead-SLA batteries 
Available stored energy2 x 220 kWh battery storage systems 
Inverters2 x Multicluster Box 6 each with 6 battery inverters Sunny Island 8.0
The eco-safari electric vehicles are charged using solar power

About the Company 

As a system integrator, Asantys Systems specializes in optimally designing solar systems for energy requirements, offering high-quality system components at the best prices and implementing project implementation including logistics, installation and project management cost-effectively and quickly. 

With these services, we position ourselves as a specialized partner for project developers, plant operators and providers of financing concepts.

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