1 January 2020

Lead battery innovation and the year ahead

Lead battery innovation and the year ahead

As we start a new year the Consortium for Battery Innovation approaches its first birthday with news that we now have more than 100 members and partners globally. This in itself is a cause for celebration as it demonstrates the high level of enthusiasm for research into advanced lead battery technology, and the timing couldn’t be more important. Across the globe, businesses and governments are hastening the drive for cleaner sources of energy and energy storage and lead batteries will play a critical role in electrification and the creation of a low carbon future.

Last year, we hosted a number of important technical workshops worldwide where we collaborated with key players in our industry, from lead battery manufacturers and car companies, to materials suppliers, lead battery experts and energy storage system companies. All with the focus on how to continue the ground-breaking work our members are doing in unlocking the potential of lead batteries for future societal needs.

We will be launching a range of exciting and innovative technical research projects with our global member companies and world-leading research institutions and universities including Spanish-based ICMA and UCLA in the US.

The growth in global demand for battery energy storage continues to grow, coupled with an ever-increasing demand for cleaner modes of transport such as hybrids and electric vehicles. And lead batteries have a vital role to play. As our technical roadmap details, which we launched at the end of last year, the potential growth for our industry in these sectors will continue to increase as we continue to research and innovate in our technology.

So, 2020 will see us continue our work of highlighting the essential role of advanced lead batteries for the global transition to a cleaner, decarbonised future. Our interactive map continues to be populated with technical case studies, and we’re about to launch a new online tool, the battery energy storage calculator, which will put utility and renewable end-users directly in touch with the lead batteries they need for their installations.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with our global membership in driving forward the latest research projects from our technical program, so that our industry and the wider world can benefit from the innovation undergoing in lead battery technology.

Photo credit: Exide Technologies batteries at M5BAT energy storage project

By Dr Alistair Davidson

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