17 September 2019 - Dr Matt Raiford

Energy Storage Systems online tool: Highlighting lead battery benefits to ESS end users

Energy Storage Systems online tool: Highlighting lead battery benefits to ESS end users

Lead battery energy storage systems (BESS) are a cost-effective solution for electrification and decarbonization goals established through policy and internal economic drivers in today’s society.  Implementing BESS systems into the utility grid provides both stability for the generation of power, and new ways to cut operational costs.

Lead BESS are not only inexpensive compared to other chemistries, but they are the most sustainable and reliable battery systems on the market - 99% of lead batteries are collected and recycled at end-of-life in North America and Europe.

CBI, in collaboration with its members, are developing an ESS online tool as a means to facilitate communication pathways between lead battery manufacturers/lead BESS producers and end-users, such as utility companies. The tool will aim to provide robust data on lead batteries for BESS end-users via a user-friendly program on the CBI website.

The interactive tool will not only help end-users understand the performance and sustainability of lead batteries, but will also provide technical information such as:

A member-specific version of the tool will be produced in tandem to complement the universal tool hosted on the CBI website. The member version will allow for key technical parameters like pricing, individualized elements of the system (housing, BMS, etc.), and other aspects of the program to be adapted to the needs of the member company.

The initial launch version of the CBI ESS online tool is under active development, and the tool is expected to be launched at the beginning of 2020. CBI aims to support the continued development of this tool and adapt it to meet the needs of the ever-growing energy storage market.

By Dr Matt Raiford

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