27 February 2019

Renewable energy overtakes coal for the first time in Germany

Renewable energy overtakes coal for the first time in Germany

Research by the Fraunhofer Institute has reported renewables as the highest provider of Germany’s electricity for the first time in history. Overtaking coal as the largest provider of energy for the country, renewables accounted for just over 40% in 2018.

This encouraging trend demonstrates good progress for the largest economy in Europe which aims to have 65% of its energy provided by renewables by 2030. This aligns with the Europe-wide transition to a more decarbonised and electrified world, supported by renewable energy storage projects.

This transition will require a number of innovative battery technologies to help support the increasing number of renewable energy facilities. The ability to store energy produced by renewable sources such as wind and solar is essential when production is low but demand is high, and lead batteries are one of the innovative and reliable solutions to support this need. Find out how CBI member Narada is supporting the German power grid through a renewable frequency regulation project supported by lead batteries here.

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