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More than 25 years of

About us

Cutting-edge research taking lead batteries to the next level

For more than 25 years, the Consortium has delivered cutting-edge research taking lead batteries to a new level. With an expert panel made up of the world’s leading battery manufacturers and research specialists, the Consortium is setting the standard for advanced lead batteries and the next generation of energy storage.

Our global membership all share the common aim of inspiring the latest research to help develop the next generation of advanced lead batteries.

Formally known as ALABC, the Consortium has been carrying out research into lead batteries for a quarter of a century. Members have commissioned research into advanced lead batteries to help meet the needs of global energy storage.


Dr Christian Rosenkranz
Dr Christian Rosenkranz PhD is responsible for the European Industry and Governmental Relations EMEA at Clarios. During his 22 years of industry career, Christian had several assignments with increasing responsibility in the functions of research and development, business development and general management for the European Li-Ion system integration center. Dr Rosenkranz holds a PhD in Electrochemistry and has studied in Hannover and London.
Dr Alistair Davidson
Dr Alistair Davidson is Director of CBI, managing all the consortium’s work programs. Alistair attended the University of Oxford and obtained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He has lectured at both Washington State University, USA and the University of Chongqing, China.
Dr Matt Raiford
Senior Technical Manager
Matthew Raiford earned his B. Sc. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University in 2009 and his Ph. D. in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Afterward he started as process engineer at RSR Technologies. Matt has spent the last five years working on materials development in active materials for lead batteries. He is focused on improving dynamic charge acceptance and cycle life in lead batteries and has pursued this goal by working with national labs, universities, and the lead battery industry.
Begüm Bozkaya
Technical Manager
Begüm Bozkaya received her B. Sc. degree in Chemistry from Middle East Technical University and her M. Sc. degree in Materials Science from Technical University of Munich. Her master´s thesis was based on the investigation of carbon additives on C/Si anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Afterwards, she joined in the group of Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility at Fraunhofer ISC. During her Ph. D. at Fraunhofer ISC, she has investigated the effects of carbon additives on negative plates for lead batteries. She has worked on several industrial projects for the last 6 years, at which she mainly focussed on the enhancement of the dynamic charge acceptance.
Dr Carl Telford
Research and Innovation Manager
Over 20 years experience in strategic research, consulting, and R&D. An expert in futures thinking, roadmapping, and facilitation. In his career to date, Carl has helped major public and private organisations across the world develop strategies, with particular experience in the automotive, off-highway, energy and infrastructure, and chemicals and materials sectors. His academic background includes a PhD in materials engineering.
Niamh Owen-McLaughlin
Communications and Digital Manager
Niamh Owen-McLaughlin has a BA Geography degree from University College London (UCL). She has worked for the industry for eight years and is currently Communications and Digital Manager for the Consortium for Battery Innovation.
Joana Coimbra
Communications Officer
Joana Coimbra has a BA in Media Studies from the University of Lisbon and a MA in International Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire. She has worked in Portugal, Spain and Italy and has experience from both the private and public sectors. She is a Communications Officer for CBI based in Brussels.
Anita Wright
Administrative Assistant
Anita Wright is Administrative Assistant and Librarian with the International Lead Association, Inc. and Consortium for Battery Innovation in North Carolina. Anita began working at the International Lead Zinc Research Organization (now ILA, Inc.) in November of 1994 as administrative assistant to the environment and health staff. From 2004 forward, her role expanded to include administrative assistant to the ALABC (now CBI) and librarian for both ILA and IZA.
Dr Boris Monahov
Battery Science Advisor
Boris Monahov conducted research on lead–acid batteries for 25 years at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He also spent eight years as an Associate Professor at the Academy and then five years as the Chief Electrochemist of Firefly Energy. Currently, Boris is an advisor for CBI.
Dr Geoffrey May
Battery Science Consultant
Geoffrey May has many years of experience in the battery industry. He was CTO of Hawker Batteries (now EnerSys) for many years and then had the same position with FIAMM before setting up is own consulting business, Focus Consulting. He has an MA and a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials and a Chartered Engineer. Currently, Geoffrey is an advisor for CBI.
Dr David Rand
Battery Science Advisor
David Rand attended the University of Cambridge where, after graduating, he conducted research on fuel cells.  He joined CSIRO in Australia in 1969 to continue this work. In 1977, David formed the CSIRO Novel Battery Technologies Group and remained its leader until 2003. He retired in 2008 but remains active as a CSIRO Honorary Research Fellow. Currently, David is an advisor for CBI.
Dr Tony Tong
CBI Consultant - China
Dr Tony Tong received his doctorate in Chemistry at Hunan University, China. He has previously worked for the International Zinc Association and he has also worked in Zhuzhou Smelter of Minmetal which was the biggest zinc and lead producer in China. He is also the President/Owner of Henan Zinc Ltd., a zinc production plant in Henan province, China.


Our Mission

The mission of the CBI is to serve the needs of its members by supporting cutting edge pre-competitive scientific research and promoting innovation in lead battery technology to maximize the market potential for lead batteries and the prosperity of actors in the lead battery value chain.


Our Vision

The Consortium for Battery Innovation’s vision is to be recognized by all stakeholders as the trusted global center for collaborative, pre-competitive lead battery research and authoritative voice on lead battery innovation by taking a leadership role in supporting lead battery research investment and the promotion of innovation.


Our people

The Consortium brings together leading scientists from around the world. It is led by battery experts with extensive experience in research and innovation.

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