14 May 2019 - Dr Alistair Davidson

Lead batteries showcased at U.S. energy storage conference

Lead batteries showcased at U.S. energy storage conference

As a member of the Energy Storage Association, the US-based organisation representing companies involved in the energy storage field, the Consortium for Battery Innovation had a clear message when exhibiting at the group’s annual conference: ESACon19. Lead batteries deliver a reliable, safe and cost-effective option for a wide range of energy storage applications.

Having relaunched in February 2019, CBI unveiled a new look and an expanded scope of work at ESA, setting out plans to promote and fund advanced research into lead batteries for energy storage and automotive applications, supported by CBI member companies and partners.

ESACon19 was the ideal place to launch CBI’s latest service  – an interactive map showcasing global installations using lead batteries for utility and renewable energy storage. With the help of CBI member companies worldwide, the interactive map highlights the successful use of advanced lead batteries for energy storage, an industry seeing increasingly rapid market growth and demand.

Not only does the map showcase the global and diverse use of lead batteries for energy storage, with power rating, duration and technology type, but it also features in-depth case studies on specific projects. And more are being added!

Exhibiting for the first time as CBI and displaying the interactive map drew many visitors to CBI’s booth. Visitors ranged from energy storage associations, utility companies, energy storage start-ups, to larger, established companies looking for battery technologies to deliver on energy storage goals for various projects.

And lead batteries definitely generated a lot of interest at CBI’s exhibition booth. As a highly reliable battery technology which has continuously improved in vital areas such as cycle life and performance at partial state-of-charge, lead batteries offer a sustainable, cost-effective and high-performing option for energy storage demands.

As the demand for cleaner, greener sources of energy continues to grow, lead batteries have a vital role to play as a technology which can meet this growing demand at scale.

The conference sessions reiterated the increasingly important role of battery energy storage for utility and renewable applications.

ESACon19 also gave CBI the chance to engage with members and partners in attendance. CBI met with East Penn to discuss the improvement of lead batteries at Partial State-of-Charge, and visited EAI’s battery-testing facilities. Also attending was Nuvation Energy, a BMS-provider who spoke to CBI about the optimization of lead battery performance using BMS.

Read CBI’s blog page for valuable insights into the innovative developments in lead battery technology in the energy storage sector.

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