2023 project UNT, Ecobat & East Penn

Improving performance of auxiliary advanced lead batteries in electric vehicles

In Situ Imaging and Phase Analysis of Live Cell Lead Battery Materials for Auxiliary Battery Cycling Regimes

University of North Texas, Ecobat and East Penn Manufacturing (USA)

January 2023 – present

This project aims to investigate the processes occurring at microscopic level during representative tests for auxiliary batteries to understand how positive and negative electrodes change during different charge conditions

Research priority

Analyze structural changes of battery electrodes during representative auxiliary battery tests

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Research area

Automotive (auxiliary)

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Initial results

• Measurements were performed on legacy samples using X-ray microscopy (XRM) paired with micro-computational tomography (μCT)
• Preliminary synchrotron X-ray diffraction (SR-XRD) experiments were performed alongside operando experiments
• Phase identification of the preliminary XRM measurements is underway
• 2V cells are in preparation to optimize experimental setup for in-situ measurements

Expected impact

This research project will link laboratory findings to commercial lead battery products used in auxiliary applications and has large potential to improve performance metrics of lead batteries for such applications

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