2023 project, EAI and C&D Technologies/Trojan Battery Company

Improving Opportunity Charging In Motive Power Applications

Opportunity Fast Charging and Improved Energy Throughput for Motive Power Applications

Electric Applications Incorporated, C&D Technologies and Trojan Battery Company (USA)

January 2023 – present

This project aims to investigate ways to enhance opportunity and fast charging protocols and improve total energy throughput of AGM technology for motive power applications.

Research priority

Improving charging time and energy throughput

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Research area

Motive power

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Initial results

• 2V AGM cells with different carbon additives used in the negative plate paste were prepared to test different MTCC* charging profiles.
• A new MTCC* charging profile was established after insights obtained from half-cell potential studies and monitoring of capacity changes.
• Two sets of 8V AGM battery samples were manufactured to verify charging method developed for 2V cells.
• Cycle life testing of 8V AGM batteries and of one 48V AGM string is ongoing.

*MTCC: Multi-step Tapering Current Charging

Expected impact

This research project will develop optimized fast charging methods for lead batteries used in motive power applications, meeting the growing demand for performance improvement in this significant market sector.

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