2021 project Hammond, East Penn & Eclipse

Enhancing advanced lead batteries for utility energy storage

Examination of the Effects of the Surfactant Coatings & Particle Size of Barium Sulfate on the Structure Changes and Performance of NAM in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Applications

Hammond Group, Inc., East Penn Manufacturing and Eclipse Energy (USA)

April 2021 - present

This project is aiming to characterise the effects of different commercial barium sulphate additives in the negative electrode of the lead battery by comparing different sizes and surface treatments with the goal is to determine if there are certain additive configurations which are best for ESS applications

Research priorities

Optimize additive formulations to improve cycle life

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Research area

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

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Initial results

• Five different commercially available barium sulfates having different particles sizes and surface treatments were selected

• Barium sulfate characterized, also characterized in lead battery paste and resulting active material

• Physical and chemical properties of negative plates containing these barium sulfates were determined similar

• Electrical testing of 2V cells were performed according to IEC61427 1 to choose the best performing barium sulfates

• Negative plates after the completion of IEC testing were analyzed to determine failure modes

• Electrical testing of 12V batteries containing selected barium sulfates is underway

1 IEC61427: International standard to test batteries for renewable energy storage

Expected impact

This research project’s findings can provide useful insights into additive configurations that may bring benefits to overall cycle life, which is valuable to increase competitiveness of advanced lead batteries for energy storage applications

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