17 February 2020 - Dr Alistair Davidson

Delivering Europe's Green Deal

Delivering Europe’s Green Deal

As Europe looks to maximise energy from renewable sources and secure long-term supply, the ability to manage frequency regulation at grid level is becoming more important.

A lead battery-powered energy storage facility in Saxony, Germany is providing 16 megawatts of battery energy storage to help smooth out peaks and troughs in energy supplied to the grid.

CBI - Batteries In Action Series - Narada Power Source Energy Storage

The facility is run by Narada Power Source using more than 1,000 advanced lead carbon batteries, supplying 25 MWh of power.

This is the kind of project that is delivering on Europe’s Green Deal ambitions now. And it demonstrates the value of investing in different battery technologies in support of wider electrification.

The innovative lead-carbon technology used by Narada, and developed in partnership with CBI, offers extended cycle life in shallow cycle life, a key requirement of large-scale energy storage systems.

With a calendar life of 15 years, the project’s batteries are set to reliably support Germany’s electricity grid for more than a decade.

This project, operating since May 2019, is the second of Narada’s large-scale projects based in Saxony. The other project comprises more than 10,000 batteries to support a 15 MW project supplying frequency regulation services for Germany’s network operator Mitnetz who supply electricity to over 2 million customers.

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