Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Workshop

Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Workshop (formerly DCA & Heat Workshop)

As the next iteration of successful workshop held over the last few years, this year's DCA & Heat workshop has a new name and will be held from 11am-5.30pm on the 12th July, and from 8.30am-3pm on the 13th July, and will include a networking dinner in the evening of the 12th July.

This year’s event, Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Workshop, will address the following topics:

Compact plenary talks will expose up-to-date material on each of the topics to all participants. In subsequent break-out sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to discuss in depth 2 of the topics and plan collaborative work streams associated with them.

Download the draft ALBA Workshop schedule. (updated July 9, 2022)

CBI will host a Battery Academy on 11-12 July and also hold its European Technical Workshop on 13-14 July all at the same location.

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We are looking forward to meeting you in person this summer in Italy!

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