C&D Technologies and Convergent - Boothbay, Maine, US

C&D and Convergent – Trailblazing Energy Storage in the US

Trailblazing Energy Storage Facility in North America

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Located in a small coastal town in Maine with a population of 2,000 people is the first non wires alternative (NWA) application of battery based storage for utility infrastructure in the US , using advanced lead batteries.

Since 2015, Boothbay’s electricity grid, which experiences increased peak load during the summer’s major tourism surge, has been reliably supplied by a 0.5 MW energy storage NWA solution.

Technical specification

Working with GridSolar, Convergent designed and engineered a 0.5 MW / 3MWh energy storage facility, located adjacent to the radial 34.5 KW sub transmission line that feeds the Boothbay peninsula.

The facility is connected to a local substation that serves the peninsula’s load pocket, allowing Convergent to alleviate 500 kW of strain on the upstream feeder during summer peak loads.

Convergent and C&D Technologies worked together to provide an energy storage solution for Boothbay, Maine

With a project specification of 0.5 MW for 6 hours, C&D Technologies advanced lead batteries were used for the project , a cost effective, reliable and robust technology.

The NWA system is on call to provide voltage support to the region from 9am-9pm during peak summer months, with a guaranteed response time of under five minutes.

“By utilizing advanced lead batteries and a versatile design , Convergent Energy and C&D Technologies were able to provide the people of Boothbay Harbor with a more cost effective, reliable and safer energy storage solution than alternative technologies. The modular solution allows for scalability in the future without costly infrastructure conversions."

Ken Sigman, Chief Commercial Officer, C&D Technologies


The system maintains 100% uptime during peak summer months, demonstrating the reliability and responsiveness of energy storage as a utility resource.

C&D Technologies battery bank

About C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies, Inc. is a technology company that produces and markets systems for the power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics. This specialized focus has established the company as a leading and valued supplier of products in reserve power systems and electronic power supplies.

About Convergent

Convergent Energy + Power is the leading independent developer of energy storage solutions in North America Convergent deploys state of the art technology to significantly lower commercial and industrial
customers’ electricity bills and provide utilities with cost effective grid solutions.

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