4 November 2021

CBI nominated for Excellence Awards

CBI nominated for Excellence Awards

Power Technology, a leading energy publication, includes CBI on shortlist for Sector Excellence Awards – Batteries & Storage

For the first time, CBI has been nominated for a 2021 Excellence Award, announced by a leading global energy publication, Power Technology

Included in the Batteries & Storage shortlist as part of the Sector Excellence category, CBI’s work in battery research and innovation has placed us alongside other battery and storage leaders such as Tesla, Hitachi and Engie.  

With our recently launched Technical Roadmap, CBI is a driving force for global innovation for advanced lead batteries, a critical technology underpinning the global shift to greater levels of decarbonization and electrification. 

Recognizing the soaring demand for battery energy storage worldwide – from use in clean energy projects to e-mobility – CBI is paving the way for the next generation of advanced lead batteries through our scientific research program.

Find out more about our work here, and about this year’s Power Technology Excellence Awards.

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