3 August 2020

Testing equipment to demonstrate lead battery performance enhancements

Testing equipment to demonstrate lead battery performance enhancements

Innovation is a strong theme running through the lead battery industry. For the technology, the leaps and bounds in performance improvements have been seen since its creation 150 years ago.

As demand for batteries continues to grow and the technical requirements continue to evolve depending on the application, the need for high-quality testing equipment to demonstrate the performance enhancements in lead batteries is essential. 

CBI is currently involved in a number of research and innovation projects around the globe with the aim of advancing lead battery performance, and this is essential to our industry.  And it is vital to have the ability to quantify the success of research and demonstrate performance enhancements. 

Tests and standards are therefore a vitally important area for the future of the lead battery industry, both in terms of developing tests and standards that appropriately reflect the performance gains of lead batteries, and for developing cutting-edge equipment that can be used to test current and future batteries.

Earlier this year, we visited Digatron Power Electronics in Aachen, Germany, to witness first-hand the innovative solutions they manufacture for lead battery testing equipment, supporting the Consortium’s goal of undertaking research and innovation into advanced lead batteries.

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