29 May 2020 - By Niamh Owen-McLaughlin

Research and innovation vital for Europe’s green recovery

Research and innovation vital for Europe’s green recovery

Research is of paramount importance for the European recovery package according to Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee. Reacting to the package presented by the European Commission this week, ITRE highlighted that the recovery plan should be driven by innovation. 

Research and innovation drives the work of CBI as a global organisation undertaking research into advanced lead batteries. Batteries will be an essential tool for Europe to deliver on a green recovery and a carbon neutral Europe by 2050. 

The need for an energy policy which can kick-start the economy in a post-COVID-19 recovery will be essential as noted by ITRE, and advanced lead battery technology will be a key player in assisting efforts to promote the role of clean and sustainable energy storage.

Across Europe, from remote islands to large-scale projects supporting electrical grids, lead batteries are utilised as a reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and safe battery technology for energy storage projects.

All technologies must continue to innovate, and CBI is driving the research and innovation needed to deliver higher performance for greater energy demand in the future. Our collaboration with Europe’s leading battery manufacturers, energy storage and industry associations, and world-class universities and research institutes, our technical program is delivering the next generation of lead battery technology to the energy storage needs of the future. 

By Niamh Owen-McLaughlin

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