25 May 2020

Pioneering techniques deliver new insights into advanced lead batteries

Pioneering techniques deliver new insights into advanced lead batteries

Using pioneering techniques for the first time in lead battery research, a new way to gain in-depth understanding of lead batteries has been established.

The first project to be launched from CBI’s 2019 technical program was a collaboration between one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers, Exide Technologies, and a leading university in Spain, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón (ICMA).

In a feasibility-style project, neutron diffraction techniques were used to study lead batteries in-situ, with the objective of understanding if this technique can be used as a tool for future research into lead battery technology.

We visited the project partners in Spain to see their work and talk about the project in detail. Check out the video below.

The initial work has shown to be an excellent way to understand the fundamentals of lead battery science, and a more in-depth project is now being put together. This project compliments the work being undertaken at Argonne National Laboratory in the US using high-energy x-ray synchrotron diffraction studies.

As the demand for higher-performing batteries grows alongside rising demand for clean energy and low-carbon mobility, this project is one of the vital ways in which CBI is delivering cutting-edge research and innovation to support a low carbon future.

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