18 April 2019 - Dr Alistair Davidson

Optimization of lead battery performance using BMS

Optimization of lead battery performance using BMS

At the Energy Storage Association’s annual conference in Phoenix on 16-18 April, Dr Alistair Davidson, Director of the Consortium for Battery Innovation met with Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation Energy, a company providing battery management systems (BMS) for lead batteries.

Alistair Davidson: "Michael, can you tell us more about BMS and how they optimize the performance of lead batteries?"

Michael Worry: "Nuvation Energy provides battery management systems that can improve the performance of lead batteries. We can increase cycle life, provide access to user terminals and ultimately make lead batteries better batteries so that they last longer and are more affordable."

Alistair Davidson: "What opportunities do you see for lead batteries in energy storage applications?"

Michael Worry: "When you make lead batteries smarter you can use them in more energy management applications. Lead batteries can be used for demand charge management, PV smoothing, integrated with renewables and frequency regulation. Adding intelligence increases the potential use-cases for lead batteries in energy storage applications."

CBI has launched its new interactive map this week which displays a diverse range of energy storage installations around the world utilizing lead batteries. 

Several of these projects have involved Nuvation Energy’s BMS. These include a microgrid project in Tonga working with CBI member Hoppecke batteries, and a utility energy storage project in Missouriwhich uses NorthStar batteries.

Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation (l) and Alistair Davidson, Director of CBI

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