25 April 2020

Moving towards 100% renewable electricity

Moving towards 100% renewable electricity

new study produced by JARA-Energy, a research partnership between Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University has shown the mounting number of stationary battery storage systems in Germany in recent years, especially with the help of the growing number of PV systems. This growth is pushing the country ever-closer to their ambitious goal of achieving 100% of their electricity supply from renewables by 2050

Recognising the vital role of our industry’s batteries for the energy storage sector, CBI has been active in the last few months in visiting some of these energy storage installations based across Germany which are utilizing advanced lead batteries. 

Lead batteries in action at M5BAT in Aachen, Germany

From small and mid-scale hybrid systems to large-scale storage systems, advanced lead batteries are supporting the boom in energy storage across Germany and Europe. In a project led by RWTH Aachen University, a long-term partner of CBI, Exide’s advanced lead batteries are used at a hybrid ES system in Aachen, Germany due to their advantages of optimized high current capability and long cycle-life expectancy.

By monitoring the performance of these batteries, the M5BAT project is playing a central role in the strive to optimize battery performance for grid stability and integrating renewables into the energy market, supporting the continued increase in demand for energy storage. Check out our video from our visit to the M5BAT project.

With an estimated total capacity of 550 MWh in 2018, the report also notes a considerable increase in large-scale stationary battery storage systems in Germany. CBI member Narada has been active in the German market in delivering lead-carbon batteries specifically for large-scale installations such as these.

Large-scale frequency regulation services supporting the German electricity grid

By delivering frequency regulation services for electricity grids, two 25 MWh projects are helping to support reliable power for millions of people in the region. You can check out our technical case studies featuring the Bennewitz and Leipzig projects, or watch our short video to see the batteries in action.

By Niamh Owen-McLaughlin

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