3 July 2020 - By Wenyan Wang

Microporous’ Brand-new, Advanced PE Separator Production Line Begins Operation

Microporous’ Brand-new, Advanced PE Separator Production Line Begins Operation

Guest blog: CBI invites member company Microporous to share their innovation story with us about the launch of their new PE Separator Production Line. Based in Piney Flats, TN, the new installation will help meet growing demand for automotive and industrial lead batteries. CBI’s membership brings together the entire industry involved in the global lead battery industry, from battery manufacturers and recyclers to materials and equipment suppliers.

In mid-2018, Microporous started an expansion project in Piney Flats, Tennessee, to construct a completely independent manufacturing plant where up to two Polyethylene (PE) separator production lines will be installed. A battery separator is a polymeric membrane placed between the positively charged anode and negatively charged cathode to prevent an electrical short circuit, and is a vital part of the lead battery.

After two years of non-stop efforts from the entire Microporous team, this new facility was commissioned in March 2020 and is now ready to deliver the highest quality products to meet our growing customer needs in the Americas. As PE separators are predominately used for lead batteries and the volume continues to rise, it is essential for Microporous to have the available capacity to meet market needs.

Microporous’ newest and most technically advanced lead battery separator manufacturing facility is now fully operational, located next to its Headquarters in Piney Flats, TN. This new facility triples Microporous’ PE separator capacity in the U.S. and enables our U.S. plant to produce the whole range of separators for both automotive and industrial applications. 

Microporous' new battery separator manufacturing facility next to its headquarters based in Piney Flats, TN, U.S.

Our Piney Flats facility now offers products with all different backwebs ranging from 150-550 microns with several new tools addressing the different requirements, whether this is an ultra-low resistance separator for EFB batteries or a separator enhancing charge acceptance for both automotive and industrial segments. 

This new “state-of-the-art” PE line has been designed to include innovative features and the latest technologies available in the industry. The quality and efficiency of the process control package are all part of the high-tech automation systems. It also beats Microporous’ existing record on low hazardous emissions, to ensure sustainable production for employees, communities, as well as customers. 

Microporous' new state-of-the-art PE line

Microporous’ Piney Flats, U.S. and Feistritz Austria facilities are both working on cutting-edge separator developments involving separator additives and separator designs, all of which are made easier to develop and subsequently produce on advance lines typified by the new Piney Flats’ PE line. 

As a leading lead battery separator manufacturer who has been developing quality and innovative products for 80+ years, with a broad product portfolio (rubber separator, rubber-PE hybrid separator, PE separator, and Absorbent Glass Mat separator), Microporous strives to bring the right solution to every application.

Visit our website to learn more about Microporous: www.microporous.net

By Wenyan Wang, Marketing and Business Communication, Microporous

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