2022 CBI North American Technical Workshop

Durham Convention Center, Durham, North Carolina USA

14-16 November 2022

ESS Workshop Agenda - 14 November 2022

  1. Introduction
  2. Needs for the Control System - Insight from SEL
  3. Needs for the PCS - Insight from GoElectric
  4. Opportunities for Funding and other DOE Efforts
  5. Opportunities to Work with other Forms of ESS

NA Technical Workshop Agenda - 15 November 2022

  1. Introduction
  2. CBI 2022-2023 Overview
  3. CBI European Technical Projects
  4. EU Funded Projects and Related Work
  5. US Funding Initiatives, US Project Updates
  6. CBI Energy Storage Strategy
  7. Update on Key BCI Initiatives
  8. Magnetic Field Mapping-Based Battery Management System for Energy Storage Systems
  9. Bi-polar Batteries for ESS Applications
  10. In Situ Imaging and Phase Analysis of Live Cell Lead Battery Cycling Testing Regimes
  11. Opportunity Fast Charging and Improved CTO for Motive Power Applications
  12. Effect of Surfactants and Particle Size of Barium Sulfate on ESS Performance

NA Technical Workshop Agenda - 16 November 2022

  1. Introduction
  2. Statement of Work Approach, ESS and Auxiliary
  3. Blueprint Project: Lead Battery DC "Fast" Charger Backup Designs
  4. Updates from OE Lead Battery Project
  5. SSOF Update
  6. Update on LAAMPs