2023 CBI North American Technical Workshop

Sheraton Downtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

13-15 November 2023

ESS Workshop Agenda - 13 November 2023

  1. Introduction and Overview of Global Lead Battery ESS activity
  2. Multimodal Analysis of Active Materials and Interfacial Processes - OE Update
  3. In Operando Phase Analysis of Lead Battery Electrodes – OE Update
  4. Box-BE®: An Innovative Solution for ESS
  5. Trusted Solutions for ESS
  6. Overview of Lead Battery Technology Assessment and Liftoff Report

NA Technical Workshop Agenda - 14 November 2023

  1. Introduction and CBI Overview
  2. CBI Global Lead Battery Market Report Discussion
  3. CBI EU/UK Funding Update
  4. CBI US Funding Update
  5. CBI Communications Update
  6. EU Technical Program Update
  7. In-Situ Analysis of Lead Battery and Lead Battery Materials for Auxiliary Applications
  8. Using Magnetic Perturbations to Better Understand Lead Battery Management in ESS
  9. Optimizing Barium Sulfate for Lead Batteries in ESS Applications
  10. Bipolar Batteries for Residential ESS Applications
  11. Focus on Improving Opportunity Charging in Motive Power Applications
  12. Fundamental Studies of Lead Batteries: Insight on Discharge Capacity Limits from Well-Defined Negative Electrode
  13. Crystal Dissolution and Modeling of Lead Batteries: An Initial Perspective

NA Technical Workshop Agenda - 15 November 2023

  1. Introduction
  2. CBI SSOF Program and Overview
  3. ESS Strategy and Objectives
  4. CBI Blueprint Update
  5. CBI ESS SOW/RFP - Overview
  6. Questions for CBI