2016-2018 Program

CBI members, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading research institutes, are currently working on a range of innovative research projects.

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Brno Technical University

Carbon and other additives for better negative active material performance in partial state-of-charge operation.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Carbon additives for the negative active mass and hydrogen evolution at elevated temperatures.

CSIRO, Electric Applications Incorporated, NorthStar Battery, Swinburne University

Influence of electrolyte concentration local to the negative active mass on dynamic charge acceptance.

ISEA (RWTH), Battery Engineers, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Evaluation of dynamic charge acceptance and water loss in partial state-of-charge conditions.

Tianneng Power

Stability of the negative active mass in automotive batteries.

ISC Fraunhofer, Ford Research, Technical University of Berlin

Effect of additives and negative active mass microstructure on dynamic charge acceptance in micro-hybrids.

Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology

Improving the cycle life of energy storage batteries by the use of nano-silica sol technology.

Shuangdeng Group (China Shoto)

Alloys for low carbon energy storage batteries operating at elevated temperatures.

Exide Technologies

Carbon nano materials in the positive active mass of energy storage batteries.

Narada Power Source

Life and cost optimisation of absorptive glass matt valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for frequency regulation and load following to IEC 61427-2 for on-grid energy storage systems.