22 April 2021

The global shift to clean energy: pairing renewables with batteries

Earth Day 2021

The global shift to clean energy: pairing renewables with batteries

Celebrating more than 50 years since its creation, Earth Day 2021 is being recognised with events held by 1 billion people in 193 countries. The message of environmental protection has a strong resonance in today’s world where decarbonization and electrification are high on societal agendas.

One of the most significant ways in which a focus on restoring our Earth has been driving action across the global is the shift to clean energy. Through the use of renewables, through sustainable and green technologies, through energy storage

The rocketing growth of energy storage across different regions and in different applications, from small-scale rural electrification projects to large-scale installations supporting power grids, is underpinning the global shift to a clean energy future.

As one of the energy storage technologies supporting this shift, lead batteries are used in diverse projects around the world to deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. 

From the world’s highest solar farm in Tibet, to a rooftop solar project in New York, to rural electrification in Sierra Leone, lead batteries are at the centre of the transition to a clean energy future for different communities across the globe.

Browse our interactive map for some highlights of lead batteries in action and check out our case studies page for a deep dive into the role of advanced battery storage in delivering a low carbon future.

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