22 April 2020 - By Dr Alistair Davidson

Continuing towards a cleaner future

Continuing towards a cleaner future

Individuals and entire industries across the world are celebrating Earth Day, with this year marking 50 years since it was started. While many causes gain global recognition with special attention on specific days in our busy calendars, the Earth Day and its 2020 theme, climate action, is particularly relevant.

As individuals, as organisations, as entire industries and countries, we’re facing a never-before seen health crisis in modern times. The impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching for every aspect of society, and is changing the way we live and work. In the face of the impact of the virus and tragic stories also come stories of hope and the adaptation of our global community to new ways of continuing in everyday life to create a new normal.

From companies shifting their workstreams to make protective equipment instead of shoes, ventilators instead of vehicles, to individuals shifting to working from home, video calls and sewing face masks in their spare time, this shift to a new normal requires everyone to work together in a more collaborative way. 

2020 marks 50 years of Earth Day

So how does our industry fit into this? We’ve seen many companies involved in the lead battery supply chain delivering PPE alongside their normal products, supporting the communities in which they operate. And a reminder from this crisis is the essentiality of products such as batteries in keeping our new normal powered.

From reliable mobile and internet connection, to the vehicles transporting essential workers and products, to the energy stored in batteries supporting electricity grids and powering essential industries, lead batteries are playing an unseen but important role. 

As Earth Day 2020 focuses on climate action, the role of technology such as batteries highlights a key way in which the future can be a cleaner one, featuring greater levels of decarbonisation and electrification. The importance of promoting responsible use of resources, enhancing circular economy practices and shifting to clean energy will be vital, and our technology is one which delivers each of these.

From supporting renewable energy storage systems across the globe, to achieving recycling rates of 99%, lead batteries are powering a cleaner future to deliver meaningful climate action.

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