18 February 2021 - By Dr Alistair Davidson

Celebrating Battery Day during the age of the battery

Celebrating Battery Day during the age of the battery

The word battery is buzzword today. The diverse landscape of batteries means they will be a significant player in the global shift to a low carbon future. 

Through use in low emission vehicles, as storage for clean energy and as backup for critical infrastructure such as mobile networks, batteries are an essential part of the every day.

And they’re always adapting and innovating to meet the demands of the world. Advanced lead batteries are undergoing a huge transformation driven by changing markets and evolving technical demand.

With pioneering research conducted under the Consortium for Battery Innovation and in partnership with governments, universities and industry around the world, the untapped potential of the lead battery is well on the way to be being opened up through innovation. 

On 2021’s Battery Day, there’s a lot to be excited about for the lead battery industry. Building on our core aim of undertaking advanced battery research, CBI will shortly be announcing our new technical program. This year’s technical projects are focused on delivering battery research that will be critical to the technology’s bright future as an energy storage solution.

Lead batteries are already used across the globe for diverse energy storage applications. Storing power harnessed from the sun in remote communities to stabilizing the electrical grid for entire regions, lead batteries are facilitating reliable, sustainable energy generation.

But they have more to give. Energy storage demands are always shifting and always growing. So the low carbon world of the future needs batteries and lots of them.

With targeted performance enhancements in cycle life, battery lifetime, energy density and operation at different duty cycles, CBI is driving innovation in the technology to ensure they are a central part in supplying the 20,000 MWh increase in battery energy storage demand by 2025

Our work doesn’t stop at research. We are communicating the critical role that our industry plays in providing high-performing, reliable, sustainable batteries for energy storage. See below for some featured highlights from around the world and click here for the technical case studies:

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