29 August 2019

CBI's 2019 technical program to be announced soon

CBI’s 2019 technical program to be announced soon

CBI has a long history of diverse technical research programs, all with the common purpose of advancing lead battery technology for various applications through innovative research and development. As the demand continues to grow for lead batteries for EV’s and renewable energy storage, so does the demand for ever-more impressive and innovative batteries.

Technical battery experts from within the CBI membership and CBI expert panel, combining decades of experience from across the globe, met in London in July to discuss technical research proposals submitted by CBI members and partners. The 2019 technical program, comprised of a range of projects for the next few years, is due to be launched in September.

We are excited to be working with our membership and partners, including world-renowned research institutes and universities, to continue research into this essential technology and to develop the next generation of lead batteries.

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