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Lead battery energy storage systems are a cost-effective solution for electrification and decarbonization goals across the world. Implementing energy storage systems into the utility grid provides both stability for the generation of power and new ways to cut operational costs.

Lead batteries are a vital technology fostering the increased use of renewable energy across the globe by providing reliable, safe and recyclable energy storage solutions.

CBI has developed an energy storage online tool designed to match the energy storage sector with the best lead battery for their energy storage needs.

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Lead battery benefits


Lead is an abundant natural resource found across the world, with more lead being produced via recycling than mining today. As the most recycled metal, lead has a thriving and mature global industry focused on collection and recycling of used lead batteries.

Encased in plastic, lead battery casings are supplied from recycling streams resulting in a lead battery product that is sourced from a highly sustainable secondary supply. Requiring relatively small amounts of energy to produce and to charge, lead batteries provide a cost-effective energy storage solution with a low environmental impact.

Lead battery benefits


Lead batteries are an inherently safe form of energy storage. The technology offers cost-effective performance while providing stable storage at the lowest risk for thermal events.

The water-based electrolyte is non-flammable and flame-proof plastics are already used in current battery construction. In many applications there have been no reported fires caused specifically by the battery, including the batteries already used in stationary storage for the telecommunications industry.

Lead battery benefits


Lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the world. Over 99% of lead batteries are collected and recycled at end-of-life in North America and Europe.

This results in unparalleled stewardship of the technology, with 90% of a lead battery's material being recovered and recycled. The average lead battery is comprised of more than 80% recycled material.

Lead battery benefits


The electrification of our society's is driven by energy storage. Vital, everyday functions are supported by lead batteries in hospitals and data centres. Lead batteries are providing quality energy storage for industrial and commercial sectors and essential load following functions. Lead batteries provide consistent performance with decades of field service backing up the time-tested quality of lead battery energy storage.

Governed by multiple standards and heavily adopted industry practices, lead batteries are reliable throughout the whole supply chain.